Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cool and Comfortable Catalog Item #93

New and Improved Boogeyman from the Vorogovian Hell Plane

A much requested item from our deleted range, this is the updated version of the 1994 model that went out of production due to technical reasons*.
Whether you are throwing an old fashioned halloween party or just out to terrify the general populace, the Boogeyman is for you! Hideous beyond description and able to tear limbs slowly, the 2006 Boogeyman is sure to be a hit with children too; just don't expect them to thank you for it when they're in therapy ten years later!

It's common knowledge that the Vorogovian Hell Plane is where the worst monsters come from and considering the Boogeyman is all those rolled in to one, you'd be crazy not to buy two!!
That's right; for the price of $199.95 you'll get two scare mongers to share your home for the rest of your life, and beyond. What could go wrong???? (see*)

* Cool and Comfortable bears no responsibilty for the 1995 Berlin Apocalypse Sequence, which may or may not have involved a fair bit of death, and also the disappearance of most, well all, of Europe.


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