Thursday, January 26, 2006

Barrels of Teeth

These were shipped over to England in the 1860s. Taken from soldiers killed in the American Civil War, they were used as false teeth and to replace those that had come out or had been removed by the dentists of the day (tooth drawers).

In the case of Emit T. Grogan (left) his teeth were removed one night while he lay sleeping, one day before the Battle of Gettysburg. The teeth were left behind however, Grogan being shipped overseas in a barrel for research in the laboratory of eminent scientist of the day Professor Philbert Grinch. Enroute to Belgium, where Grinch's premises were located, the ship that was carrying Grogan encountered something...pirates...certainly a rarity in the day, but nevertheless, Grogan's fortunes were about to become dire. Or that was what he expected. The last thing he anticipated was being made captain of the ship, but after several months aboard the schooner Caravel Grogan's charisma, coupled with a propensity towards extreme violence when exposed to pirates, made the buccaneers realise the possibilities in their midst. Thus Emit Grogan, once just another scientific experiment, became destined for greater things.


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